WNFC Coyotes FC signs Chase Lennartz

Nevada Coyotes is pleased to announce the signing of Chase Lennartz to our UPSL Pro Premier Division team. Chase is a young hardworking talent coming from his hometown of Saint Joseph, Michigan. He has spent his collegiate career playing for North Park University where he was a co-captain for two years helping to lead his team to the National Championship game for Division 3 NCAA. Also to add to his impressive playing background, he has spent two summers of playing in the Premier League of America for Aurora Borealis SC.

Chase had this to say about joining the club, “I am extremely excited to be joining such a great organization. I am very blessed to be in this position to be around so many strong willed people who all have goals that they are trying to achieve. I feel that being in an environment like this will only help to get the very best out of me both on and off the field.”

Nevada Coyotes Head Coach, Ian Hill, had a comment regarding the signing of Chase Lennartz. “We Are thrilled and excited that Chase is a part of the Western Nevada family. He is a proven winner, leader and his skill both on and off the field is sure to make a great impact.”

The club asked Chase for some insight into his game and this is what he had to say, “I really love to do the little things well for a team with pressuring the ball to win it back as quickly as possible. Once we are in possession of the ball, I like to stick to two touch soccer that leads to me making runs in behind the defense. This results in putting me in dangerous positions for the other teams.”

On behalf of the Club we wish Chase the very best and are thrilled to have him joining the family.