WNFC Coyotes FC Signs Daniel Baumgartner

Nevada Coyotes is pleased to announce the signing of Daniel Baumgartner to our UPSL Pro Premier Division team. Daniel is a 19-year-old from Phelan, California. Collegiately he elected to play at a D2 college called Hawai’i Hilo. He chose to increase his level of play by playing with the Baltimore Kings U-23, as well as the pro team. Daniel for a brief stint played for the L.A Wolves.

Daniel had this to say about joining the club, “It feels amazing. It’s everything I wanted in a club, from personal development, to vision on a team level. I cannot be anymore happy with the decision I’ve made to join.”

Nevada Coyotes Head Coach, Ian Hill, had a comment regarding the signing of Daniel Baumgartner. “Daniel brings a tremendous amount of experience and Leadership skills to our club. He’s a gritty player was good technical ability and a fire to succeed we know he’s going to be an outstanding contributor to our organization.”

The club asked Daniel for some insight into his game and this is what he had to say, “I hope to bring leadership and passion to the field. I love this sport and I hope by the time the season is over, all the supporters and coaching staff of Nevada Coyotes won’t have any doubts of that.”

On behalf of the Club we wish Daniel the very best and are thrilled to have him joining the family. Be sure to be on the lookout for more Nevada Coyotes news!